Cruthú Yggdrasil It is a book about my life's story, and how I was created through the progression of learning. It entails my family history, the Creation of the Earth, Philosophy with the Bible as a historical reference including why the "law" existed, and how it was used. Theology as this is what people are following. It is how Creation fits with Science and the similarities between all religions. 

It explains how, why I became a Wizard instead. Though many do not know what the title even means. The book entails where my blood is rooted, who people are with the only left over source being a collection of books dating back to 1600 B.C. It has my dream journal as an added plot, I would like to welcome you to my inner mind. 

My first book can be purchased in the Shop... 

Wizards Shop

What if it is magic? What about the secrets?... You would have to buy it to know. I sell my books online through my shop. I made sure that the code was well hidden in the secret places. Alright I hope you enjoy the Shop.

THE NEW TORK DOLLAR It is a photo book about my honey moon, and how the dollar is all that matters. What is prison?..

I loved the city, and it was a grand experience. Oh New York. What An Apple! 

They say a picture holds a 1000 words, and yet I still wrote something for you. I'm a photo Wizard what can I say. I'm joking its magic. Shame no one knows what happened...

Wizard Thoughts

It was a humour that I love. After looking through the older texts, or published works of philosophers. 


                       I found the word "Wys Ward" Meaning: Guiding Light, or Philosopher. So I wrote a collection of Published Thoughts, and named it Wizards thoughts. I really enjoyed myth, old Text Books, Tales and Science. I started working on Herbal remedies with plants, studying what we are made from dust, or particles. These blog posts are akin to journal entries. I bring joy magically with sarcasm dust, dusting you with joy as I burn you ideals. It is a game.